Basic Functions

1)      Line .

2)      Absolute value

3)      Parabola

4)      Cubic

5)      Higher order polynomial

6)      Hyperbola

7)      Square root

8)      Semicircle – top  or bottom

9)      Step , or in the handheld

10)   Cube root

11)   Exponential

12)   Tangent

13)   Sinusoid



Draft Requirements (subject to change):

1)      At least 60 frames. 30 of the frames must be distinct, and you may repeat frames to bring the total to 60.

2)      At least 1/3 with photo background related to the animation (photo release form required for student pictures).

3)      Every picture must have a sinusoid.

4)      To be eligible for a C you must use 5 different basic functions.

5)      To be eligible for a B you must use 7 different basic functions and synchronize to music.

6)      To be eligible for an A you must use 9 different basic functions and synchronize to music.

7)      Use of more different basic functions makes you eligible for bonus points.

8)      90% of functions must have some transformation.

9)      80% of functions must have a restricted domain.

Bonus points will be awarded for extreme creativity.


Deliverables (what you will turn in):

1)      Summary storyboard of your project (due 5/10). One per group.

2)      A photo or photos for background images (due 5/17). Remember photos with students in them require a Model Release Form for each student included.

3)      An Nspire file or files with all the relevant screens. One per group.

4)      A listing of your functions.  Where a particular function was transformed on different screens you may list just the parent function with a note, “transformations. One per group.”

5)      A movie file (or link to uploaded youtube or other online service).

6)      Each group member must provide a paragraph (or more) discussing:
a) what you liked and disliked about the project
b) what problems you encountered and how you overcame them
c) what you learned
d) amount of time spent by each person .
e) any other comments you’d like to share.